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  3. Light, space and time make us aware of what surrounds us. For JCJ Vanderheyden, this concept is at once both the starting point and the conclusion. Vanderheyden focuses on reality and art history, examining what our eye sees and what we take in. A clear blue sky, an endless horizon or the world as a stage. Throughout his body of work over the years, set themes recur, which the artist reuses and rearranges in new ways, adding a level of significance to the temporal aspect of his work.

    JCJ Vanderheyden, After Hieronymus Bosch (1998)

    All rights are reserved. Photography by Peter Cox. 
    Rabo Art Collection

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  4. Laira, my sapphire eyes ♡


  6. "there is something we’re all stuck with and I have tried to point it out, but no one likes the guy who points from the sidelines.”

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  7. Gerald Leung

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  10. Ashkan Honarvar - Children (2011)

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