1. (Fonte: bluekomadori)

  2. Sigur Ros Heima//At Home Illustration 

    (Fonte: emilysketches)

  3. Michael aka NVM Illustration - Fauna And Flora, 2014      Drawings

    (Fonte: Flickr / est88, via illustration-cf)

  4. Damayanti and the swan.

    Warwick Goble, from Indian myth and legend, by Donald Alexander Mackenzie, London, 1913.

    (Source: archive.org)

    (Fonte: oldbookillustrations, via illustration-cf)

  6. Sculptures by Robert Cannon

    (Fonte: fer1972)

  8. (Fonte: thehec, via sin-respeto)

  9. forgottencool:

    Robert Maguire

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